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Thibault Saunier thibault.saunier at
Tue May 10 06:55:00 PDT 2011

Hello Vineeth,

The thing is that this is the normal behavior of a GstPipeline
(GESTimelinePipeline is a GstPipeline), when setting its state to
STATE_NULL, it tears down everything. Instead, to be able to play the
pipeline again at any time quickly (even if you change anything in the
timeline), you should set your pipeline state to STATE_READY or even

Hoping this helps

Thibault Saunier

Le mardi 10 mai 2011 à 09:21 +0530, vineeth a écrit :
> Hi,
>   I am currently using GES for media file cut operations.
>   Currently when there is state transition from PLAYING to NULL of
> GESTimelinePipeline, I think the internal media-graph (consisting of
> encodebin and decodebin) of GESTimelinePipeline is torn down.
>   However, it would be great if this internal media-graph is keep
> ready all the time, so that I can simply change the in-point and
> duration of GESTimelineFileSource when there is a change and issue a
> PLAY request to save the new section of file and also so that the
> graph setup time is less.
>   Is there a way to do this?
> Thanks.
> --vineeth
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