Time delay in setting property & audio mixer element

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Sun May 29 10:38:26 PDT 2011


On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 10:16 PM, Pietro Battiston
<me at pietrobattiston.it> wrote:
> That said, I realize not everyone has a touchscreen at hand, so if you
> want to reproduce, I modified
> git clone git://pietrobattiston.it/fingerpicking -b minimal
> cd fingerpicking
> python finger.py
> so that now just clicking/releasing the mouse on the window changes
> note. On my system, the delay is clearly noticeable.

ok, tested on my ancient netbook and it's really bad ;)

> I'm using alsa directly...

actually, you're using "autoaudiosink", which does not imply the usage
of alsasink. Besides, if pulseaudio is running on your system, you're
very likely using it even when you're accessing the audio subsystem
through the alsa API (this is one of the mighty powers of pulseaudio
;) ).

I've replaced autoaudiosink with pulsesink just to get a finer control
over the sink latencies (see the attached file). Modifying the block
size, buffer-time and latency-time to low values improved the
situation a lot on my system.

> I tried to call set_property( 'blocksize', 1024 ) and lower values, but
> apparently nothing changed... (do I misunderstand your point?)

as I wrote earlier, you should focus on the sink (as well), as it's
there that eventually all the latency is accrued. See above for some
more hints.

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