AW: V0.10.7 Windows dshowaudiosrc does not work

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Tue Nov 22 04:12:46 PST 2011

Hi Tanmay!

I faced the same problem yesterday- it seems the dshowaudiosrc is broken. I compiled it with a newer version and now it works fine. I used the vsprojects from the ossbuild repository with VS2008 Express and just replaced the code plus added some missing classes. Make sure if you use windows SDK includes that also your DirectX headers will be taken from windows SDK (Not the one from OSSBuild/shared folder). Otherwise you will get weired unresolved external symbol errors.



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I am trying to capture audio using dshowaudiosrc plugin.
I set the device-name property as suggested in posts. But no audio seems to be captured 

gst-launch -v dshowaudiosrc device-name="Logitech Microphone (QuickCam)" !
queue ! directsoundsink sync=false
This does not work(No errors it also generates final caps I am using Windows XP  service pack 3 and Gstreamer 0.10.7 win builds)

But this works
gst-launch -v directsoundsrc ! queue ! directsoundsink sync=false

The second way does not allow to choose your own device,Is there any other plugin which will allow me to select the device and capture audio. 

What am I doing wrong with dshowaudiosrc.?


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