gst_element_post_message: bus is NULL

mick_coracin mick.coracin at
Mon Nov 28 02:10:10 PST 2011


I'm using a Playbin2 based pipeline with a custom Bin for source.

I would like to send a GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT message from this bin to the
application so that this bin can be reconfigured based on some user defined

I'm trying to use gst_element_post_message() function from my Bin, but I get
a "No Bus" error. The bus of the element is NULL.

I understood that the bus should be inherited from the parent bin or
pipeline, but it seems not to be the case here.

Do you have any idea why the bus is not set in this case? Where should it be
initialized, and can I force it to be set?

Thanks and regards,

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