PATCH: gst-plugins-bad: dc1394 source add fomat7 region of interest setting

Simon Schulz sschulz at
Mon Nov 28 02:35:23 PST 2011


we patched the dc1394 plugin in order to use 
dc1394_format7_set_roi() instead of dc1394_format7_set_image_size()
and added the roi_top, roi_left to the caps.

with this modification it is possible to set the format 7 
window size AND the position of the window.

- the camera can grab in 1280x768
- set window size to 640x480
- set roi_left=200, roi_top=200
-> the camera will grab the 640x480 region starting at 200,200

If the roi_* caps are not given, the window will be sampled at 0,0

maybe it is useful to anybody ;)

if you want to reply to me please include my emailadress as i am not 
on the mailinglist.

with kind regards,

Dipl. Inform. Simon Schulz
sschulz at

Exzellenzcluster Cognitive Interaction Technology
Universität Bielefeld
D-33501 Bielefeld
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