unable to change resolution in Pause state

kemicalbrother georgenistor at gmx.net
Tue Nov 29 09:15:08 PST 2011


With the pipeline I have I am able to change resolution if I put the
pipeline to NULL.
It happens to see 1 sec a blank screen before the pipeline is switched back
to the PLAY state.

What I have been trying to do is to put pipeline in PAUSE and change the
resolution after usings a capsfilter.

I have 2 options:
1. I put the capsfilter to NULL, the pipeline to PAUSE and I change
result: after putting back to PLAY the whole pipeline remains stopped.

2. to set the only ximagesink to the NULL state and keep PAUSE for the rest
of the pipeline.
result: after putting back ximagesink to PLAY the streaming works fine but
the ximagesink is somehow desincronized with the rest of the pipeline
displaing 1 frame every 10 secs.

How could be solved the "change resoltion" while beeing in PAUSE state?

I have this pipeline:
	gst_bin_add_many(GST_BIN (m_pipeline), v4l2src, queueVideorate,
			m_capsfilter, tee, queueLocal, ffmpegcolorspace_local, videoscale,
			m_scalefilter, m_xvimagesink, queueRemote, ffmpegcolorspace_remote,
			m_x264enc, m_rtph264pay, m_udpsink, NULL);

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