GST_PAD_PARENT caused seg fault on channel change

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Fri Dec 7 06:00:37 PST 2012

Le vendredi 07 décembre 2012 à 04:05 -0800, deepthips a écrit :

> From some links I saw to use gst_pad_get_parent instead of
> This solved the seg fault. But I am quite not sure how.  All comments
> will
> be very helpful. 

The main difference is that gst_pad_get_parent() will return a reference
on the object (you need to unref it when done). This prevent another
thread from freeing the object while you are doing your operations.
GST_PAD_PARENT() is normally used when the stream lock is taken, i.e.
when the chain function is called.

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