Video stream timestamps problem!

bamboosso laski.maciej at
Thu Dec 13 02:00:46 PST 2012

Hello Tarek,

Well, freescale also provide codeck pack with driverd to their VPU, which
are then used in gstreamer plugin. But gstreamer is ok tu use I think.
My problem is that when I record video from rtsp camera no frames are
dropped. And when I use VPU, vpu drops a lot of frames according to
timestams problems so I have a lot of artefacts on playback and I don't know
why because timestamps that outs from rtph264depay are set.

Do you use ffmpeg provided with gstreamer?
Do you have to set proper caps od srcpad for your appsink?
Maybe you can share some sample code how to use ffmpeg to grab data from

This issue id driving me crazy.


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