Video stream timestamps problem!

bamboosso laski.maciej at
Thu Dec 13 09:04:18 PST 2012


It doesn't matter. The problem is between mfw_vpudecoder and rtspsrc.
when I use:
rtpsrc->file OK
file->vpu OK (with file recorded prev.)
rtpsrc->vpu BAD......

well its even more weird:
rtpsrc->vpu->videoscale->filesink PERFECT
rtpsrc->vpu->videoscale->mfw_isink/mfw_v4lsink EVEN WORSE

An it complains about timestamping problem...
The rtspsrc is not based on BaseSrcClass and it has no do-timestamp. So I
hope solution you use will help. I home libav will be able to read rtsp
without problems...

I'm trying to compile libav but after compilation I have undefined reference
to av_open_input_file, avformat_open_input ... and so on. What ./configure
flags do you use to compile??


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