Video stream timestamps problem!

bamboosso laski.maciej at
Sun Dec 16 16:45:38 PST 2012


First of all, thanks very much Tarek. You helped me very much. Unfortunately
this solution with data frames injected to pipeline from ffmpeg does not
work form me. I think there is some issue with comunication with vpu and gpu
when frames from camera don't came in specific framerate. My camera is not
sending them exactly in 30fps. Actually it's 33,33333 fps and sometime one
frame takes 16ms sometimes 30... I've try to buffer frames and send them
with exactly 30fps like it is when playing from file, but i failed for now.
I have to look, how timestamps are parsed in mp4mux and maybe do the same.

Anyway, your solution with appsrc gave me an idea how to make better
recording branch from my pipeline.


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