gst-streaming-server usage

Tristan Matthews tristan at
Fri Dec 14 06:07:24 PST 2012

Hi Gary,

2012/12/14 Gary Thomas <gary at>:
> I'm trying to understand how to use the gst-streaming-server
> package available from
> I've managed to build it but there is basically no documentation
> on how to use it.  There are a couple of test programs and scripts
> (which don't get installed so one assumes that they are examples only?)
> but they also have scant information.
> Can someone help with this, perhaps a simple walk through?  In the
> end, I need to figure out how to set this up to serve a video stream
> coming from my local video (camera) source.

I have an example up here which may be helpful:
The cameraserver.cpp program does exactly what you'lre looking for. To
change it to C, you'd only need to rewrite 3 or 4 lines.


Tristan Matthews

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