Best way to use typefind in a custom player

gimmeamilk gimmeamilkbttf at
Mon Dec 17 07:04:45 PST 2012

I should explain - "heavyweight" in the sense that it's a lot for me to take
in while I'm trying to learn the fundamentals of GStreamer's structure. I
was hoping to start with some simple typefinding and inserting plugins based
on my own decision-making, before diving into decodebin etc.
In principle, is it ok to have multiple typefind elements in the final
pipeline? Thanks.

Tim-Philipp Müller-2 wrote
> On Tue, 2012-12-11 at 08:10 -0800, gimmeamilk wrote:
> Out of curiosity, which aspect of uridecodebin/decodebin2 did you found
> to be "a little heavyweight" ?
> You should at least use multiqueue instead normal "queue" elements if
> you do this yourself, unless you have huge ES buffers inside your sink.
>  Cheers
>   -Tim
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