record issue sound very low

claude claude.vittoria at
Mon Dec 24 01:59:14 PST 2012

Thanks for your answer and all my apologies for the bad copy/past.....

the second command was 
gst-launch -e pulsesrc
! queue ! audioconvert ! \
   audioresample ! wavenc ! filesink location=audio.wav

to compare pulsesrc behavior. I did the tet with alsasrc with the same

But you point an issue on my system. All sound streams encoded by gst is bad
decoded in vlc 2.0.5(from ) whatever the codec or
container. The sound is correct in totem (gstreamer) thus I suppose the
issue comes from vlc. play cmd (Sox) decodes correctly the wav. I will
compile my own vlc to test. 

Thanks for the methodology 

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