Seek requests to multiple sinks

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On 01/01/2012 12:44 PM, Mohammad Afaneh wrote:
> Hi Gstreamer devs,
> I've been trying to understand this scenario and haven't been able find a quick answer to my question from any docs.
> What is the standard way of handling a seek request request on a pipeline that contains more than one sink element? For example, a pipeline with a demux and an audio path and a video one, you will get two seek requests at the demux (at least that's what I have seen happen ), how do you handle these two requests?

The seek is sent to all sinks. You can detect the duplicate seek events 
in the demuxer by checking the sequence number in the event.

Playbin and playbin2 only send the seek event to one sink because it 
knows that both streams are eventually linked to a demuxer.


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