Souphttpsrc 'error: Server does not support seeking'

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Mon Jan 2 14:42:43 PST 2012

Il 02/01/2012 20:54, Hans Maree ha scritto:
> After some further investigation using tcpdump and wireshark I tracked down
> the
> source of the errors. It seems that the connection is interrupted (It is a
> wireless connection so this happens from time to time) just before the
> errors
> occur.
> The souphttpsrc element then sends a new request to the ip-camera as
> expected,
> however it adds a Range HTTP header field to the request. The ip-camera
> ignores
> the Range header field since it serves a live stream. The souphttpsrc then
> sends the warnings I mentioned in my previous post and closes the
> connection.
> So this seems to be a bug in souphttpsrc, since I have indicated that the
> source is a live source by specifying 'is_live=true', so to my understanding
> it
> should not try to seek at all, or at least not break when the server ignores
> the Range header field.
> Before I file a bug report I would like to be sure it is indeed a bug, so
> please give some feedback on that matter.  Also does anyone know a
> workaround
> to this problem?

as workaround try this:

curl --retry 3 | gst-launch 
-v fdsrc do-timestamp=true ! multipartdemux ! jpegdec ! xvimagesink 

and report us if this continue to work when souphttpsrc fails,


> I am using the ip-camera as security camera so I would like
> to
> make it reliable as soon as possible.
> By the way I am using the following versions of gstreamer and plugins:
> gstreamer0.10 (pre release)
> gstreamer0.10-base (pre release)
> gstreamer0.10-base-plugins (pre release)
> gstreamer0.10-good (pre release)
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