not getting ffenc_libmp3lame plugin from gst-ffmpeg-0.10.13 package

mehrotra_kk mehrotra_kk at
Thu Jan 5 03:24:52 PST 2012

   I was trying to get mp3 encoder enabled in gst-ffmpeg 0.10.13 version. I
already have, and 
installed on my server. While doing configure and make i am giving the
following options:

./configure --prefix=$sand_box_root
--with-pkg-config-path=$sand_box_pkgconfig --enable-lgpl \
--with-ffmpeg-extra-configure="--enable-shared --enable-nonfree
--enable-protocols --enable-network --enable-filters --enable-libmp3lame
--enable-version3 --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb
--enable-static --enable-encoder=libmp3lame --enable-ffmpeg" 


make install

I can see from the configure logs that Enabled Encoders list contains
libmp3lame and libopencore_amrnb. The configure as well as the make and make
install goes through smoothly and i am able to get all the ffmpeg encoders,
ffmpeg decoders, ffmpeg muxers and demuxers except ffenc_libmp3lame and

I needed ffenc_libmp3lame to encode mp3 urgently. can anybody suggest what
may be the reason that i dont get ffenc_libmp3lame and
ffenc_libopencore_amrnb plugin although other ffmpeg plugins are there.

Please help

Abhishek Mehrotra

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