Video suddenly lost

Ralph ralph.gucwa at
Thu Oct 4 06:07:38 PDT 2012

Brian Duffy wrote
> This might be a silly question, but are you trying to play the same video
> every time? 

No, the video files were perfectly OK, they could be played in both VLC and

Today it started to work!
I downloaded and installed LongoMatch, a Windows application using GStreamer
(it provides its own copy of GStreamer library with only necessary files). 
It displayed the video without any problems.  My application suddenly
started to work!  Uninstalling LongoMatch (making sure all files are
deleted) and restarting the system didn't change it, my application works as
usual.  It seems LongoMatch triggered something in the system which allowed
my application to display video correctly.

Everything works now, but I still have no idea what happened...

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