Video suddenly lost

Brian Duffy brduffy at
Wed Oct 3 10:50:45 PDT 2012

This might be a silly question, but are you trying to play the same video
every time? I once had an issue where I thought I had a problem with my
code but it turned out that the video I was trying to play (and had played
successfully dozens of times) had become corrupt. Just sayin ...

On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 7:16 AM, Ralph <ralph.gucwa at> wrote:

> I have a Windows WPF C# application using C# Bindings and OSSBuild
> (GStreamer
> WinBuilds v0.10.7, Beta 04).
> It works like a charm, but yesterday when my colleague was using it on his
> machine, he suddenly lost the video - when a new XOverlay was created to
> display a new video file, suddenly all rectangles displaying video became
> black.  The weird thing is that the change is permanent - restarting the
> system, uninstalling the software and even running standalone debug
> versions
> didn't help.  I ran a version creating log files and I can see that
> GStreamer loads video files and plays them without any problems.
>  Everything
> looks normal, but still no video on the screen.  I tried using both
> dshowvideosink and d3dvideosink with no results.  It seems like something
> is
> broken in the operating system, but I cannot imagine what could change so
> suddenly.  There were no system updates and no software updates installed,
> all software was used exactly the same way as two days ago and two weeks
> ago.
> Has anyone witness anything like that?
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