Any advice how to debug GStreamer threading internals? (threads are not killed)

marcin at marcin at
Mon Oct 8 01:29:46 PDT 2012


I've wrote an app that plays audio with the following bin

filesrc ! decodebin2 ! audioconverter ! volume ! ...

it is later added dynamically to adder, there is kind of sink and so on.

Upon EOS it is removed and another bin like that is created,
dynamically attached to the adder and so on.

I've noticed that after 200 000 operations several (10+) threads were
not stopped (described with name of the bin or mpegaudioparse). Seems
that for 199 990 operations cleanup went well, but for unknown reason
sometimes it does not cleanup. Object is finalized.

Any advice how to debug such problem?

I am using 0.10

Thank you in advance,


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