Video suddenly lost

David Hoyt dhoyt at
Mon Oct 8 09:28:46 PDT 2012

> Unfortunately I can't run with GST_DEBUG, it is not supported by C#
bindings (see  this thread

That looks like the folks in that thread made the wrong assumption.
GST_DEBUG is an environment variable and the library itself should be able
to make use of it regardless of its execution environment (.NET, JVM, etc.).
Try setting the environment variable on the command line, then execute your
application from the same command prompt.

If for some reason that doesn't work, you can recreate the pipeline and
execute it via gst-launch with GST_DEBUG set. If it works there but not in
your application, then there's likely something odd with either your
application or the .NET bindings. If it persists, then you can attach a
debugger through Visual Studio and step through the source.

It would help if you could create a small sample of the video that
reproduces the problem and attach it to a bug report against 0.10. You could
also try getting the gstreamer SDK and testing the sample against its
gst-launch on the command line. This just helps the devs help you. :D

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