mpeg-ts and multifilesink

Mike Mitchell mike.mitchell at
Wed Oct 10 17:42:59 PDT 2012

If I understand correctly you want to create multiple files from a single
h.264 stream in iOS.

If you google "gstreamer multifilesink mp4" you will find some discussion
of this in the past. I have not done it but have researched the issue. One
problem is that an H.264 stream cannot be easily segmented. You need to
decode, split the raw and encode.  The other issue is that each new file
requires the muxer to be reinitialized.  So the solution ends up being like
starting a new file each time anyway, therefore you don't need
multifilesink. What you need is a program that can carefully redirect the
raw stream from an old encoder and muxer to a new one every so often.

*Mike Mitchell*

On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 12:24 AM, dean <deanan at> wrote:

> Has anyone gotten multifilesink with h.264 in an mpeg.ts to work playback
> in
> iOS?
> Single mp4s work but multiple or single mpeg.ts doesn't.
> Any tips on how to make compatible multifilesink .ts files for iOS?
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