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Thu Oct 11 02:34:26 PDT 2012

Dear Devels,
        Sorry for my poor english, and 

        I have a little suggestion about the gst_info module.
        1,  In my opinion, It should not extern some global value in the gst_info.h.
             for example the  GST_CAT_DEFAULT.  if someone do the following thing
                  #define GST_CAT_DEFAULT my_plugin
                   #include <gst/info.h>
                   GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_STATIC( my_plugin);

             the compiler complain "error: static declaration of 'my_plugin' follows non-static decalration.

          2, Currently,  The functions of parse debug parameters is in the gst.c, for example parse_debug_list function.
               In my opinion, Should put it in the gst_info.c. In this way, the gst_info.h need not to export some global functions
               for example gst_debug_set_threshould_for_name.

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