Select desired stream with decodebin2

Yogesh Marwaha yogeshm.007 at
Sun Oct 14 05:44:15 PDT 2012


I am trying transcoding files and I'm using gstreamer 0.10.

My problem is that I'm unable to work out (in case a source file has more than 
one stream) which stream(s) to select if they have same capabilities.
Say I've an audio file with two streams with different language, then how will 
I select/determine the desired stream?

What I have in my mind is (all thinking/no practical) : Connect all streams 
and add a queue with large enough size (but do not connect to final sink/or 
connect to fake sink); then change state to paused - there will be messages in 
the bus with required meta info; now disconnect all unneeded pads, connect 
with sink and play. How's that? Am I stretching it too far?


Yogesh M

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