Not getting handoff signal from my fakesink anymore...

Chris Whittenburg whittenburg at
Wed Oct 17 19:56:24 PDT 2012

I wrote a plugin for the mjpg-streamer app which uses gstreamer to
capture jpeg frames.

It uses the handoff signal from fakesink to do a callback to the
function which passes the frame to the rest of the mjpg-streamer code:

g_signal_connect(fakesink,"handoff", G_CALLBACK(cb_handoff),NULL);

The funny thing is, it works great if I start it from a shell prompt,
but if I let systemd start it automatically at boot, I don't see any
of the signals being emitted.

If I stop the "service" and start it by hand, it works again.

Can anyone give me any pointers on things to check?  Is it something
related to the various threads?

mjpg-streamer starts two threads, the input plugin (which has my gst
code) and the output plugin.

The gst pipeline my code creates is similar to: v4l2src ! queue !
jpegenc ! queue ! fakesink.

Actually there is also a tee in there which sends a copy of the jpeg
images to queue ! avimux ! filesink.

As I said, it works great in testing, but just won't startup with
systemd at boot.  And it doesn't really give me any errors.  It just
sits there waiting indefinitely.


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