Help needed regarding buffering

Vijay Vikram vikram.kvijay at
Tue Oct 23 02:45:56 PDT 2012

I am trying to use queue element in my pipeline for buffering. My goal is
to start playback of content after some bytes are queued up.

According to my understanding of the queue, I was trying the following

1. Set max-size-bytes= some bytes(for queue's max capacity)
2. Set min-threshold-bytes=some bytes(say 100k)

souphttpsrc is downloading the data.
Now I was thinking that chunks will be queued up inside queue till the
min-threshold(100k bytes) is reached and queue will start pushing the data
downstream(thats a demux) after that.

But while testing, I realized that queue starts pushing as soon as it gets
the first chunk.
Looks like my understanding of queue is not correct.

Can someone help me out regarding this? If you can share some insight or
some documentation to help me do this, that would be great of you.

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