implementing timeshifter - is GstIndex going to be ever public again?

Rob robert.swain at
Fri Oct 26 07:11:05 PDT 2012


On 26 October 2012 15:19, Krzysztof Konopko
<krzysztof.konopko at> wrote:
> Are there any plans to make GstIndex API public again? It was made
> "private" about a year ago.
> Or is it considered deprecated in the long term without any views to
> become public again?

It seems it is deprecated.

> I've seen all instances of that API across gst-plugins-* commented out.
> The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking into Fluendo Timeshifter which
> has it's core functionality underpinned by GstIndex API. Is there
> anything else you'd suggest to use instead GstIndex which this plugin
> could be ported to?

The suggestion is to keep your own copy of GstIndex or implement the
functionality for your purposes.

> I'm also considering to write my own timeshifter plugin which would take
> advantage of mpegtsparser and queue2. In this situation I would have to
> implement an "indexer" and a "seeker". In this case the pugin would be
> MPEG-TS agnostic. Is there anything you would suggest to look at in this
> case?

A media-agnostic time-shift element would be very welcome by the
community but it's not an easy task. Do you intend to conduct your
development efforts openly such that you might be open to community
input on the design of the solution?

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