implementing timeshifter - is GstIndex going to be ever public again?

Josep Torra n770galaxy at
Sun Oct 28 03:54:52 PDT 2012


I've ported yesterday the Fluendo's timeshift element to 1.0. It
builds but it's just barely tested. The code is commited in our svn

$ svn co

For the time being I've opted by a local copy of a ripped GstIndex but
I would like to replace it for something else at some point.

Persitence of the index was in my mind from the begining, I was
thinking on some sort of memindex <--> fileindex conversion schema.

Also what's missing is being able to remove index entries in the
memindex when the ringbuffer is just using memory and past data stream
is discarded. It could be implemented in the local copy of GstIndex

In order to support more forms of timeshifting I've designed it as a
base class and derived the mpegts as initial example use case.

Another use case which would be more codec agnostic would be the
"cbrshifter" which would just seek in TIME by interpolating with an
estimated input data rate (assumes that stream is constant bit rate)
and also resolve downstream seeks in BYTES. I'll try to implement that
one at some point.

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On 26 October 2012 15:19, Krzysztof Konopko
<krzysztof.konopko at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any plans to make GstIndex API public again? It was made
> "private" about a year ago.
> Or is it considered deprecated in the long term without any views to
> become public again?
> I've seen all instances of that API across gst-plugins-* commented out.
> The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking into Fluendo Timeshifter which
> has it's core functionality underpinned by GstIndex API. Is there
> anything else you'd suggest to use instead GstIndex which this plugin
> could be ported to?
> I'm also considering to write my own timeshifter plugin which would take
> advantage of mpegtsparser and queue2. In this situation I would have to
> implement an "indexer" and a "seeker". In this case the pugin would be
> MPEG-TS agnostic. Is there anything you would suggest to look at in this
> case?
> Thanks,
> Kris
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