GDP protocol elements

Bruno Gonzalez stenyak at
Wed Oct 31 08:50:46 PDT 2012

I'm trying to have a pipeline that generates image frames on a
computer, and renders them on another.

For that, I'm using on server:
 - elements that generate images, like videotestsrc or filesrc
 - x264enc for lowering bandwith
 - gdppay for capturing all pipeline-related stuff
 - tcpserversink for sending all this stuff to the other computer

On the client side, I have the opposite:
 - tcpclientsrc
 - gdpdepay
 - ffdec_h264
 - elements that render images, like autovideosink

The docs for gdppay mention: "This element payloads GStreamer buffers
and events using the GStreamer Data Protocol."
Almost everything works correctly. For example, an EOS event will
reach the client when I close the server pipeline, etc.

However, I'm generating a custom_upstream_event near the final sink of
the client pipeline, hoping it will go up the pipeline, be packetized
into GDP protocol, get sent over the network and then depacketized
from GDP into actual gstreamer stuff on the server pipeline. But the
event seems to not be sent through GDP, but rather reaches the
tcpclientsrc element in regular form and dies there, without ever
travelling through the network.

Is it normal that GDP does not send custom events upstream, or may I
be missing something in my code?

Thanks in advance!

     Bruno González

Jabber: stenyak AT

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