v4l2src frame size problem

Mark Howell mark-sub1 at hypgnosys.org
Wed Apr 3 14:36:53 PDT 2013

On 03/02/2013 01:29 PM, Mark Howell wrote:
> On 02/17/2013 08:00 AM, Mex87 wrote:
>> Hello everyone, I am now a developer who will use Gstreamer.
>> I have a problem with the plug-in "v4l2src" in practice I would like to
>> capture video using the Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 100, everything works but 
>> not
>> perfectly, in practice the maximum video resolution that I can get is
>> 592x576 when the device supports 720x576. I set Tuner PAL device and 
>> channel
>> Composite1.
> [snip]
> FWIW I have seen something similar with Dazzle DVC 100 and gstreamer 
> 0.10 on precise.
> In oneiric (ubuntu 11.10) I can capture NTSC at 720 x 480 with v4l2src 
> using the ubuntu gstreamer packages. In precise (12.04.2) I can only 
> get 496 x 480. Not sure whether this is a regression in the em28xx 
> v4l2 kernel module, or in the v4l2src gstreamer element, or something 
> in between.
> Using (c)vlc in precise I can play 640 x 480 video, so the capability 
> is there on the v4l2 driver side, but perhaps the handshaking has been 
> somehow broken.
> I will report here if I figure out anything more.
> Cheers,
> Mark.

Update. I tried other capture devices (Sensoray 2253 and 2255) which 
worked fine at 640 x 480 in Precise with the standard gstreamer 0.10 
packages, but other stuff in my gstreamer-based app was broken in 
Precise (dfbvideosink color format negotiation appeared broken on my 
sandybridge hardware), so I ended up reverting to Oneiric. Probably have 
to push my app to gstreamer 1.0 to progress much further, when I can 
spare some cycles :-/

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