Problems subclassing Gst.Bin from Python

Alex Stefan Kaye noxdeleo at
Thu Apr 4 06:57:22 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm running into a problem with the git version of GStreamer 1.0 in 
Python. What I originally thought was a problem with my code, seems to 
be some problem with something else.

The minute I try to subclass from Gst.Bin, it throws up this error:

(python3:4556): GStreamer-WARNING **: Element factory metadata for 
'bin' has no valid long-name field
GStreamer:ERROR:gst.c:524:gst_register_core_elements: code should not 
be reached
Aborted (core dumped)

This seems to have begun some time since 1.0.5 (the last stable version 
I was using). It's happening before the subclass __init__ function is 
even called. I found a bugzilla entry that seems to relate to this 
(, but I couldn't get 
the workaround there to work for me.
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