Add ADTS Header to Raw AAC

Orestes Mas orestes at
Tue Apr 9 22:54:54 PDT 2013

El Dilluns 08 Abril 2013, a les 12:00:04, johnwesting va escriure:
> I have a raw stream of AAC that I'm not able to decode and playback. From
> looking at other forums, it seems that the cause is due to the lack of an
> ADTS header. My question is, given a sample rate, object type (MPEG-2 AAC
> Low Complexity), and number of channels, does gstreamer have an element
> built in that will add the ADTS header so that faad and ffdec_aac can decode
> the data? Or do I have to write my own element?
> Thanks so much.
> John

I know you solved it, but for the sake of reference, did you know about 
"parser" elements ("aacparse" in particular)?

I think these elements do exactly what you want: have a "raw" stream at their 
inputs, analyse it and wrap it with all necessary header info.


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