Videomixer + audio/video sync

adrien Schwartzentruber adrien.schwartzentruber at
Sun Apr 14 21:40:34 PDT 2013

This is my scenario : 

I have a videomixer that display some live stream, and after few minutes, I
remove these live streams and I had a playback stream. I already made this
mechanism and it works correctly. However, I can obverse that the
audio/video streams aren't sync. 

I tried to get the audioclock on the audiosink, but I didn't get a better
Code : 
GstClock* audioclock = gst_element_provide_clock(m_elAudioSink);
gst_pipeline_use_clock(GST_PIPELINE(m_elpipeline), audioclock);

I had a look on the playbin2 pipeline, and I observed that it uses an object
called StreamSynchronizer, but this object isn't exposed by the factory
mechanism (must have a reason). Someone can tell me if I can use this
object, and if his purpose will fix my issue ? 

Any other idea or help is welcome.

NB : Using playbin2 isn't possible for me because, it has his own pipeline. 

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