problem building gstreamer RPM file

Nathanael D. Noblet nathanael at
Thu Apr 18 08:30:14 PDT 2013

On 04/18/2013 08:10 AM, Chuck Crisler wrote:
> Thank you. Yes, you were correct. I 'assumed' that the spec files
> represented the way that the RPMs were supposed to be built by the
> distros, which I want to duplicate. I should have realized my mistake
> from the config line - ./configure --enable-experimental. What control
> is there over the components packaged into an RPM by the various
> distros? Is there much variation in their content?

Each distro will likely be similar in some aspects but completely 
different in others. It would likely be rare to find one spec file that 
meets each distros' preferred packaging methods/guidelines, to do so 
could result in a specfile with many many conditional statements etc.

That being said it really depends on the complexity of what is being 

If you need to support multiple distros, I would suggest getting the 
distro specific specs patch them with what you need and build from 
there. Quite often that is what we do in similar situations. Since most 
distros have their specs in some form of version control we can 
fork/branch etc and pull in changes when they are made.

Nathanael d. Noblet
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