GStreamer SDK – Preview Release for iOS

Sebastian Dröge sebastian.droege at
Wed Apr 24 06:04:11 PDT 2013

Hi everbody,

Collabora and Fluendo are currently working on adding support for iOS to
the GStreamer SDK at This includes GStreamer 0.10 and
all relevant plugins, and their dependencies. Additionally new
audio/video sinks are available for iOS. Support for the codecs on iOS
devices is not included because Apple does not provide any public API to
access them at all. This should all work on the iOS simulator and on any
iOS devices that run iOS 6.0 or newer, which means iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5,
iPad 2/3/4/5, iPad Mini and iPod Touch 4/5th generation.

We're inviting you to test a preview release of this with your
existing iOS applications that are using GStreamer, and report any bugs
or other comments to (product GStreamer SDK)
or to myself.

Developing and building applications against this is already possible
and will be supported in the future, including commercial support by
Collabora and Fluendo. The final public release will be made in about a
month, which will also include documentation for iOS and new versions of
the SDK for all previously supported platforms with various

For developing with the GStreamer SDK for iOS you need XCode 4.6 and OS
X Lion or newer versions. After installing the GStreamer SDK you'll find
new templates/wizards in XCode for creating GStreamer projects. For
running your applications on a real device and not just the simulator
(which is included in XCode), you need a subscription to the Apple iOS
Developer Programme.

You can downloading the GStreamer SDK for iOS here:

A sample playback application can be found here:

Kind regards,
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