Gstreamer DSMCC decode pipeline

Edward Hervey bilboed at
Sat Apr 27 01:00:52 PDT 2013


  Currently the various mpeg-ts elements (tsdemux and tsparse) do not
extract the DSM-CC contents (they can detect them though).

  The main reason for this is that the DSM-CC contents are not really
streams per-se (like audio, video, subtitles, ...), but more a
continuously updated multiplex of files. So we can not create a stream
with those contents.

  One possible way forward would be, when requested by the application,
for the elements to:
  * create a temporary directory to store the data from those various
  * For each carousel, create a subdirectory
  * have a separate thread that collects the various DSM-CC packets,
reconstructs files, and writes them to disk in the right location.
  * maybe notify via the bus the presence of new/updated files

  Note that in addition, we would also most likely need to parse the AIT
SI (ETSI 102 809) and post those on the bus (just like we do for EIT,
NIT, ...). This would be required for MHP and HBBTV applications for


On Sat, 2013-02-09 at 04:10 -0800, Sudhirkumar wrote:
> Hi, We are using dsmcc-mhp Object Carousel MPEG2 encoding tool , to
> encode data (Text file in a directory) and then converting into TS
> file using iso13818 multiplexer and then stream it. We are able to
> receive the data using the following pipeline: gst-launch -v udpsrc
> uri="udp://" ! mpegtsdemux ! filesink location =
> tst1.txt When we verified data using hexdump, we are getting extra
> bytes (headers used by dsmcc) in the file. Is there any source or
> constructive pipeline for decoding or parsing the dsmcc object
> carousel in gstreamer. Regards Sudhirkumar 
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