HTTP plugin in pull mode with Apache web server

Suresh Kumar SHUKLA suresh.shukla at
Tue Apr 30 00:42:41 PDT 2013

Hi Edward,

>   the http source is push-based because it can not do fast random access (it
> takes the time to send a range-based request to the server, for the server to
> aknowledge it, and finally for the source to start receiving data from that
> offset).

My test setup is on local LAN. I face partial/broken support in various demuxer plugins. This got me to reconsider of alternative design. I don't have Live streaming cases.
Can't this round-trip with latency still be worked out in pull-mode?

>   If you want to handle trick modes with http you either:
>   * Are lucky that the server sends data fast enough and use queue2 to buffer
> locally (the source pushes the data into queue2 and the demuxer pulls data
> already downloaded). This will not work for reverse modes though since you
> can't tell an HTTP server to send you data in reverse GOP order (which it has
> no clue about).

Can you share what kind of support is available in souphttpsrc plugin etc. for Media Server's (e.g. Adobe Media server)?

Thanks and regards,

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