Ubuntu 13.04 GStreamer 0.10 packages

Adam Goodwin adam.goodwin.nz at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 22:42:51 PDT 2013


So far I've been using GStreamer 1.x, which I've been downloading and
installing from here:


Now I need to install version 0.10.x, to try some functionality that hasn't
been ported to 1.x yet.

My Ubuntu installation already has some non-dev 0.10 stuff installed from
the Ubuntu Software Center (e.g. gstreamer0.10-plugins-good). However the
listed dev packages only include "libgstreamer0.10-dev",
"libgstreamer-plugins-base-base0.10-dev". and

There doesn't seem to be development library packages for good or ugly, and
even installing the bad package doesn't seem to give me uvch264src - which
is what I need.

So first of all does anyone know why there doesn't seem to be a complete
set of dev packages in Ubuntu Software Center?

Because of this I could simply install 0.1x from source, just as I did with
version 1.x. That way I could get everything that I need easily.

But I believe I'd have to remove the installed 0.1x packages from Software
Center first (to avoid conflicts between the different 0.1x installs). The
problem here is that I have some dependent packages that have to be
uninstalled if I try to uninstall GStreamer 0.1x from Software Center. And
I'd rather leave those alone.

So it seems I'm stuck here. It doesn't look like I can get everything I
need for GStreamer 0.1x from Software Center. But it also doesn't look like
I can install from source very easily because of possible conflicts with
0.1x packages installed from Software Center.

Does anyone know what the best approach I should take is? Can I do anything
about Software Center's apparent lack of certain GStreamer packages? Can I
install another 0.1x build from source alongside the ones from Software
Center? Or is my only option to uninstall the Ubuntu packages before
installing from source?

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