[Work offer] Video player for odroid U2 with hardware video scaling

David Vega Nevares dvega at altabox.net
Tue Jul 23 03:53:57 PDT 2013

Dear All,

The company I work for wants to use  ODROID u2 with a digital signage
software developed by us under Linux.

The problem we have is that there x-video support  in odroid under linux
and can't play fullscreen videos.
We are looking for a developer  to program a player with the following
* Play h264 and mpeg videos.
* Controlabe through a tcp socket
* Draw video in a gtk socket to embed it in another application.
* Use exynos hardware to scaling video.

Any interested?



*David Vega Nevares*

Departamento de desarrollo


*dvega at altabox.net*
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