change "location" of filesrc element without breaking tcpserversink connection

Serhiy Stetskovych patriotyk at
Thu Jul 25 15:48:57 PDT 2013

Just investigated and found that after changing location, stream begins
with new webm header. So Is it possible to create one stream from several

2013/7/25 Serhiy Stetskovych <patriotyk at>

> Thank you,
> I have tried with state READY and thought it don't work, but problem
> wasn't in connection. Looks like when file reaches end, gstreamer sends
> some end information, or there is some gap between streams or something
> else. Because connections still alive, but video didn't displays in
> browser, it begin playing again after refresh(reconnect)
> 2013/7/25 Stirling Westrup <swestrup at>
>> On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 6:44 AM, Serhiy Stetskovych <patriotyk at>wrote:
>>> Hello, I have a problem with changing media file in filesrc. After
>>> finishing playing one file I get event and in this point I need change
>>> media file to another but without breaking clients connected to
>>> tcpserversink. I can change file only after setting STATE_NULL, and  then
>>> setting back to STATE_PLAYING. But this breaks all my connections.
>>> Actually I use multifdsink with writing to sockets, but in explanation
>>> above I wrote about tcpserversink because It is easier to explain, but I
>>> think it doesnt matter.
>>> <>
>> You have two options. First, you can change the media file in filesrc
>> when you are in STATE_READY rather than STATE_NULL. You only really need to
>> go into STATE_NULL when you are about to dismantle your pipeline (ie for
>> program cleanup).
>> If for some reason you have to put filesrc in a state that causes your
>> sink to perform an action you don't like, you can LOCK the state of the
>> sink so it ignores requests to change state. This is done with one of the
>> gst_element_... function calls.
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