Gstreamer integration into standard application

rohit jaiswal rj12461 at
Sat Jul 27 02:04:12 PDT 2013

Hello Folks ,

I have successfully decoded a stream and I am able to see the video frames
using gstreamer.

I am using an application which loads the DLL generated from the visual
studio and executes as per the code of the DLL.

Now , here my intension is to display the stream into my application.
hence , i am integrating my Gstreamer code into the DLL .
It builds fine with visual studio 2012 .

here is my problem....
But when I am loading DLL into my application and trying to start
After investigating i Found that the visual studio code breaks at the point
where Gstreamer code starts i.e at the very starting line where i start
gst_init .

Your help will be highly appreciated.
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