source element deployment in uridecodebin

Justin Joy at
Mon Jul 29 17:41:14 PDT 2013


Although an uridecodebin provides very strong feature to deploy elements
I am still curious about deployment specified source element for a given

For example, if I want to play a file, I mean that I use an uri which
starts with "file://",
an uridecodebin will create filesrc element.
However, what I want to deploy is my own filesrc element which works with
same uri.
If you think about a filesrc with DRM, it will help you to understand my

In gstreamer's test code, a rank of the element is dynamically adjusted
before loading uridecodebin.
but if there is a property in uridecodebin to specify source like
"video-sink" of playbin,
my problem could be solved.

In sum, which one is more proper for maintaining code?
 - the first is to modify rank of element dynamically.
 - the second is to add a property to set a source element forcedly.

Could you advise me?
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