source element deployment in uridecodebin

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at
Tue Jul 30 00:08:00 PDT 2013


> For example, if I want to play a file, I mean that I use an uri which
> starts with "file://",
> an uridecodebin will create filesrc element.
> However, what I want to deploy is my own filesrc element which works with
> same uri.
> If you think about a filesrc with DRM, it will help you to understand my
> situation.
> In gstreamer's test code, a rank of the element is dynamically adjusted
> before loading uridecodebin.
> but if there is a property in uridecodebin to specify source like
> "video-sink" of playbin,
> my problem could be solved.
> In sum, which one is more proper for maintaining code?
>   - the first is to modify rank of element dynamically.
>   - the second is to add a property to set a source element forcedly.

Why not just give your drmfilesrc a higher rank permanently and make it handle normal cases too?

Or, if you know in advance what type of file it is, just select between the sources by passing a different uri for drm files, like drmfile://


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