New error in Cerbero with recipe "nettle"

jlemmetti juha.lemmetti at
Wed Apr 2 02:58:26 PDT 2014

I had the same problem within cygwin, however, I cannot recall how I got rid
of it - sorry.

The problem is, that libhogweed uses libgmp, but the compiler expects it to
be loaded as DLL (hence the _imp__ prefixes on the symbols), but it is
actually used as as static library. I guess you have a libgmp.a - with mingw
nm-command you can check the exported symbols that do not have a _imp__
before them.

The problem is somewhere in your configure script. Check that there is no
gmp.dll -files lying around, that there is no pkgtool entries for gmp.dll
(target directory/lib/pkgtool), and after that, rebuild nettle from scratch.
If the problem persists, try to recompile gmp. I checked my source
directory, and I did not have to do any changes to either nettle or gmp
files to make the compilation.

If that one does not work, check that you have the latest recipes-directory
from cerbero and rebuild...

If it succeeds, please post the solution for future reference.


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