stream type for custom data

Patrick Doyle wpdster at
Wed Apr 2 13:56:30 PDT 2014

Hello gstreamer experts,

I am writing a plugin that will analyze a video stream on a
frame-by-frame basis and issue results for each frame.  I had
envisioned that my plugin would be derived from GstBaseTransform and
that it would simply transform each input image frame into an output
record, which I could then pipe around, maybe send out with udpsink,
perhaps pipe to a custom "image annotator" plugin that would annotate
the image with the analyzed results, etc...

Is this a common use case?  Or am I using the wrong tool for the job?

If this is common, what stream type should I use to describe the CAPs
on the src output?  Would it be appropriate to label it as
"application/custom" or something like that?

Also, the results records are variable length... what's the best way to
manage that?

Thank you for any pointers you can give me.


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