Newbie buffer question in rgds to iOS and osxaudiosink

Henrik Ejderholm henrik.ejderholm at
Wed Apr 2 11:43:54 PDT 2014


I'm fairly new to the GStreamer framework, only been testing some RTP/UDP
audio streams between two linux boxes. This works great. I have a question
in regards to osxaudiosink since I want to stream PCM audio directly from a
linux box over wifi to an iOS device. I tried the 1.2 version of the library
for iOS and I have it up and running. My question is how you control the
audiobuffer internally in the iOS device, can you do that in the same way
you can do with the alsasink? Can it be done within gstreamer? I want to
control the buffer and set it as low as possible in order to get as close to
real time audio as possible. Many thanks!


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