Need more information regarding Element States to play multiple media files in loop

Monalisa monalisabarik29 at
Mon Apr 7 22:06:25 PDT 2014


I am developing an application using qt gstreamer which need to play 4-5
media files in loop continuously. The gstreamer manual says 
"GST_STATE_NULL: this is the default state. No resources are allocated in
state, so, transitioning to it will free all resources." 
On reaching end of stream I am setting the state to null and playing the
next media, but it seems it is
not freeing resources as there is a huge memory leak. Instead if I set the
state to GST_STATE_READY there is no memory leak but after playing
for 1-2 hours, the video starts freezing. Please suggest if need to do
something else to free the resources

Thank you

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