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Michael McNamara mmcnamara at
Mon Apr 7 16:01:40 PDT 2014


I feel certain that I'm missing something obvious, but is it possible to download the relevant source for building GStreamer without actually going through the build process for your selected configuration?

./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/cross-ios-universal.cbc package gstreamer-1.0

for instance will download all of the needed source, copy the source from sources/local/ as needed to the relevant target directories in sources/ and then build it, creating all of the object and lib files, etc....  Is it possible to stop before the build portion of each target takes place?

I suppose I could simply do a make clean in each directory after it builds and have just the original source sitting there.  Or at that point is the source no different than what exists in sources/local?  My end goal is simply to package up the source being used to create GStreamer for a given target without actually including the compiled object files and such.

Cheers and thanks!
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