Use of "playbin" element along with gstreamer static plugins

Manoj89 manoj89vcet at
Wed Apr 9 07:37:31 PDT 2014

   (i) I have the built the static plugins of gst-base,good,bad and ugly
plugins (version : 1.2.3) and I    
       used "playbin" element to create the Gstreamer Pipeline.But the
static "playbin" element does not pick 
       up demuxer,decoders and sinks required to create the pipeline as in
case of shared plugins.
  (ii) I have also used GST_PLUGIN_STATIC_DECLARE and
       register the static plugins (Please see the attached file)

  (iii) while using the static plugins the "playbin" is not able to detect
the type of media stream.So is there 
       any method for determining the type(audio/video) of media stream. 

  (iv) When the I run the program created using the static "playbin" element
I dont get any runtime 
       errors.But as such I dont see any output because of playbin not being
able to fetch demuxer,decoder 
       and sink. 

   I am attaching sample application and makefile along with this mail.

   Please tell me whether I can use "playbin" element with static plugins.


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