Forcing a video framerate.

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Thx for the hint.


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Hi Eric

Yes, videorate should do the job. It goes something like

gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=~/Videos/Examples/simpson.mp4 ! qtdemux ! avdec_h264 ! videorate ! video/x-raw, framerate=10/1 ! fpsdisplaysink
If you don't care much about precision and are looking for lower framerates only, I recommend using "videorate drop-only=true", this avoids videorate from keeping references to previous buffers resulting in a pipeline with better performance. Maybe on a PC this doesn't make much of a difference, but on smaller systems it certainly does.


On 04/08/2014 04:26 AM, Eric Trousset wrote:

Is there a way to force a certain frame rate for video playback instead of using the timestamps and the playback rate?
I was hoping to use videorate, but not sure it can do it, nor how it would.

Eric T


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