retrieve the real display time of frame

leon dudi.reuveni at
Fri Apr 11 09:11:18 PDT 2014


I have pcap file that contain video stream of RTP\H.264 packets.

Im using appsrc in my code  and I have two pipelines- transmitter and
the transmitter loads the file with RTP stream, push the RTP packet into
udpsink with appsrc and udpsink transmit it. 
the transmission works great and I can see the video on the receiver. 

is there a way to retrieve the real display time of the frame- from the pcap
that contain the RTP\H264 packet?

I read in wikipedia about the-  video usability information (VUI), which
contained in the "h264parse".
but I think that the h264parse connected right after the h264-encoder. which
is not exactly my case..

if not the h264parse, how does the receiver "know" when to display the
current frame on the screen?
maybe from the timestamp of RTP (that represent the sampling time)?

I will be happy for some direction on that issue.

thanks in advance!

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